Three Musts when you take Online Japanese Course

For summer coures, you can take the chapter test at home. Therefore, there's no need to come to the KCC campus. Or, you don't even have to be in Hawaii.

This page is a guide for those who would like to find out more information about my Adagio On-line/Hybrid Japanese course offered at University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College. The instructor is Satoru Shinagawa. His e-mail address is satoru at shinagawa dot us. (Change at with @ and dot with . when you type my e-mail address.)

Course Requirements: Your computer must be equipped with the following to take Adagio:

  1. Your computer must be Japanese ready and should be able to play and record sounds.
  2. You will need a web camera and a microphone so that you can work on your assignments.
  3. A reliable high speed connection to the Internet (such as cable modem, DSL, etc.).

Even after you have registered for the course, you should come back to this page for important information.

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