System Requirements:

There's no specific system requrements, per se. However, it's required that you have the latest version of web browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome, etc). You also need the latest version of QuickTime and Flash plug-in.

Several servers:

We will use several servers. One is our own dedicated Adagio server. Our mainling list is provided by the Univ. of Hawaii Mailing list server. I will add your UH e-mail address ( to this mailing list.

Laulima isn't used with my online course.

URL and password for the Adagio Server:

Even though we have various servers, all servers can be accessed from the portal. You may not notice that you are using a different server. The course URL will be provided to you from the instructor.

Almost all page beyond this portal is password protected so that people who didn't register for the course cannot enter.

In order to go beyond the portal, you click on each link. Then, the server will ask you to enter your name and your password. Your account is made usually few days before the class begins. This is your user name and password.

Your user name is "last name " + "." + "firstname initial".
Your password is your student ID number.

For example, if your name is "James T. Kirk" and your student number is 12345678, your user name and password would be:

User name: kirk.j password: 12345678

Another example, if your name is "Zefram Cochrane" and your student number is 87654321,

User name: cochrane.z password: 87654321

Don't forget that there is a period between your last name and the first name initial. Also, do not use caps and do not use spaces. Once again, your password is your whole student ID number, not the last 6 digits, not the last 4 digits of your student ID number. Nor is your password your social security number.

Displaying Japanese: Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Sending e-mail in Japanese: Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Server Accessibilty:

Our Adagio Server is located in Akita, Japan. The map here describes where Akita is. Also, the arrows show how Akita is connected to Tokyo by Internet. The main connection from Hawaii to Japan goes to Tokyo first. Then, it's connected to Sendai, and then to Morioka, and then to Akita. If there's a connection problem in one of the connecting points, we cannot access to our Adagio server.

When the traffic is busy and it gets slow, I'm probably aware of it just like you are. The Adagio server is checked automatically for the accessibility every 20 minutes. When the automated system cannot access the Adagio server, I get the e-mail notification. Sometimes, I get an e-mail requesting to do something about the accessibility when it's not accessible.. My answer to this request is "I cannot do anything about it." I wish I could help with this, but I have no control over this problem.

Keep in mind that there's a time difference involved. Japan is 19 hours ahead of us. When it is noon in Hawaii, it is 7 am. in Japan. Therefore, if we experience a malfunction before noon Hawaii time and the cause is due to network troubles on the Japanese side, probably no one is awake to fix it. Because of this, I would like to ask you to try to be patient and please not to send me any e-mails requesting me to fix problems related to networks' experiencing difficulties.

When you cannot access the Adagio server, I'm well aware of the problem. Please don't send me any e-mail telling me "I cannot access Adagio server, can you do something about it?" I cannot do anything about this. When the Adagio server is not accessible, it's quite often the case that I cannot even send e-mails to Prof. Yokoyama, who is in charge of the server, in Akita, Japan. When the server is not accessible, I need to ask you to be patient and wait until it's accessible.

Web Camera:

You need to have a web camera to work on your assignments. Most lap tops nowadays come with a webcam built-in. So, this shouldn't be a too much of a problem.

Access log: The Adagio server makes a very detailed log of each user.

Click here to see a sample log.

What you see on the page above is just a tip of the iceberg. I can tell who accessed what time.

Earlier, someone tried taking a take home test had a time limit of 10 minutes. This student claimed that he got a message saying that he didn't turn in the quiz on time. But he insisted that he turned it in on time. After accessing the log, I was able to see what he did.

When he accessed to send in the answers, he DID send them in within the time limit, in about 2 minutes. But after checking the log carefully, I saw that he had accessed the take home quiz page about 5 hours prior to his sending in the answers. When he first accessed the take home page 5 hours earlier, there was no log of sending in the answers. Instead, 5 hours later, he accessed again and he sent in his answers in only 2 minutes time. The log showed that almost all other students took about 8 minutes to send in their answers. Now, what is an educated guess as to what he did? When he accessed the first time, he probably printed the questions. After printing the questions, he probably checked his textbook, etc. to get his answers. After 5 hours, (the second time he accessed the page), he just typed in the answers he came up with, and sent them in after only 2 minutes.

This is just a sample. I have caught quickly a large number of such things.