Exam/Quiz Related Information

You will have quizzes and chapter/lesson tests, midterm and final tests when you take Adagio.

Quiz and Test:
For each chapter, you have quizzes and tests/exams. You can take quizzes at home (or any place you want to take it) as long as you work entirely on your own. The quizzes/tests/exams have a time limit. If you turn your quizzes/tests/exams in later than the time limit, your grade will be reduced accordingly. For quizzes, I give a 24 hour time period in which to take the quiz so that you can take it at a convenient time.

For example, say, the take home quiz is given on March 1 at 3 PM, and the time limit is 10 minutes. You will access the quiz page through the portal page. The quiz page will be accessible at 3 PM for 24 hours. This means that you cannot access the quiz page at 2:50 PM, but you will be able to access it at 3:10 PM, or 10:10 PM, or 11:40 PM on March 1, and 2:00 AM, 5:30 AM on March 2.

Your answer must be received by March 2, 2:59 PM. If you accessed the page at 1:00 AM, your answer must be received by 1:10 AM because the time limit is 10 minutes. Some of you have tried to "trick" this time limit, but I can virtually tell what you do on my Adagio server. I can check the access log, and I can tell who went to what page at what time. Go here for more information on this log.

In order to take a chapter/lesson test/exam, you have to go to a campus, (such as KCC campus, LCC campus, etc.). Most Uni.v of Hawaii community college campuses are willing to let you take the exam at their testing center. Should you wish to take tests at computer labs other than KCC, it's your responsibility to check their hours, make sure their computer can display Japanese, that necessary plug-in's are installed, that the sound files and video files are playable, etc.

For chapter tests, I also set a period of two or three days in which you can take the test. If you cannot take the test during the assigned time, you should let the instructor know and make arrangements for a different day. However, 10% will be deducted for each solar day you take late. For example, you are supposed to take the exam either on Monday or Tuesday. But you have to take it on Thursday. If this is the case, 20% will be deducted from your score.

How exams will be given:

The test/exam will be given on-line but you will be required to take the test at a campus testing center where you are proctored. In order to take the test/exam, you must go to campus and show your ID before you can take the test/exam.

If you will be taking this course outside of Hawaii, we can make arrangments with the university you go to. You will take chapter tests at a computer lab of your institution.

This is because there's no way to tell if you have any helpers right next to you, or if you have books right next to you if you take the test somewhere else.

Do not expect the instructor to appear when you are taking the test. If the instructor were to be present when each of you take the test, I would need to be at the lab for 2 or 3 days all day for each chapter/lesson test/exam. This is simply not possible.

Those people from out of Hawaii need to be admitted to the University of Hawaii first. Click here for the information. The tuition information is here.

How tests are graded:

After taking the test or quiz, the Adagio server automatically grades and gives you the score. However, sometimes the server cannot grade the test/quiz with 100% accuracy.

The reason for this is that mostly invisible spaces. Even though it's not visible to human eyes, if you put an empty spaces, it's visible to computers, and thus, it's incorrectly graded. There are other reasons, but it's not clear. This is probably due to the limitation of current computer technology.

Because of this, after you take the test, I will manually grade all of your tests.

Don't ask me such questions as "I think my answer is right, but the server graded it as wrong," before I manually grade your test.

because this is why I manually grade all of your tests.

Also, after taking the test/quiz, do not send any e-mail discussing the content of the test until everyone in class is done. For this on-line course, people don't take the test at the same time. Some of you might take it at 10 am in the morning, some of you might take it at midnight. If you discuss what was on the test, you are actually hurting yourself by letting other people know what was on the test.

Click here to to see how it looks before and after the manual grading.