After taking the test, you should see the result of your test automatically graded by the server.

The server grades your test, and gives you the feedback automatically.

Even if you are late for one second, the server can tell you didn't turn in your test on time.

But this is not the end of your test grading. I will manually look over everyone's test. It's because the grading done by the server is not 100% reliable yet. After I manually grade the test, this is now how it looks.

This is basically the same as above, but if you look closely, 1 point is given to "don't think."

After I manually grade the test, you should see the numeric numbers which appear to the right of the or .

Even after the manual grading, I cannot change the symbols and . You have to look to see how many points are given to your answers by looking at the number after the symbols.