Quick Guide on how to type in Japanese.

For those who use Mac, it's simple. Go here. When you are done with the settings, just type in ローマじ (roomanized Japanese). What you type will be changed automatically into Japanese characters.

For those who use Windows and who haven't made their computer Japanese ready, go to this page and follow "'Gon Method' in Simple English" to install the necessary software. After installing the software, come back to this page again for further instructions.

For Windows, I will talk about Windows 2000. Windows 98, and XP should be similar to this.

Once the IME is correctly installed, you should see something like this on the lower right hand corner of your screen.

"EN" means that you are in the English mode.

If you put your mouse over "EN" and hold it down, you should see a menu like this pop open.

In order to type in Japanese, you have to select "Microsoft IME 2000 (Japanese)."

After you select "Microsoft IME 2000 (Japanese)," a different window appears. You cannot type in Japanese yet. Go to the left most part where it says "A."

When you hold down the mouse at "A," a pop up menu shows up. Choose ひらがな to type in hiragana, choose カタカナ to type in katakana.

After you choose ひらがな, you should see あ at the left side. You are ready to type in Japanese (hiragana).

Explanation of the Japanese input menu.
Select your input mode, ひらがな、カタカナ, etc.
Select Japanese changing mode. You probably don't need to use this. Once you start the 4th year of Japanese, you might use this.
Another function you probably won't use.
Kanji dictionary preference (you probably won't use this.)
General preference (you probably won't use this.)
Help menu, but it's all in Japanese.
"CAPS" is a caps lock. "KANA" is useless unless you have a Japanese keyboard, which most of you don't have.

Click here to practice typing in Japanese . (You need to have a user ID and a password for Adagio server to access the practice pages.)