The Adagio server makes a very detailed log of each user.

Click here to see a sample log.

What you see on the page above is just a tip of the iceberg. I can tell who accessed what time.

Earlier, someone tried this taking a take home test. This take home quiz had a time limit, 10 minutes. This student claimed that he got a message saying that he didn't turn in the quiz on time. But he insisted that he turned it in on time. After accessing the log, I was able to see what he did.

When he accessed to send the answers, he DID send them in within the time limit, in about 2 minutes. But after checking the log carefully, I saw that he had accessed the take home quiz page about 5 hours prior to his sending in the answers. When he first accessed the take home page 5 hours earlier, there was no log of sending in the answers. Now, 5 hours later, he accessed and after 2 minutes, he sent in his answers. The log showed that almost all other students sent their answers in in about 8 minutes. Now, what is an educated guess as to what he did. When he accessed the first time, he probably printed the questions. After printing the questions, he probably checked his textbook, etc. to get his answers. After 5 hours, (the second time he accessed the page), he just typed in the answers he came up with, and sent them in only 2 minutes.

This is just a sample. I have caught quickly a large number of such things.