Study Guide

How each chapter is organized.
Lesson 1 --typing practice
Other lessons
Quizzes and Tests

In this course, you must be extremely motivated and committed to the study of Japanese.

This is because you will be mostly reading the material on the web and working on the exercises on your own.
Even though due dates for quizzes and assignments are set, it's solely up to you to keep up with the schedule. If you are the kind of person who is lazy and who needs someone to tell you to work on your assignments, Adagio is not for you.
In this course, you set your own speed and goal for each day. You know when the chapter test is. So, be sure to study each chapter before the chapter test.

This is an outline of the chapters. This should give you some idea how this on-line Japanese course is organized.

In lesson 1, we learn how to type in Japanese. Perhaps, almost all of you haven't typed in Japanese on your computer before. Since we will be using the computer to learn Japanese, you must know how to type Japanese on the computer.

Starting with lesson 2, we learn the language. Each chapter consists of 5 grammatical points. Each point is named "Language 1, language 2, etc."

You will access the portal page of the course in order to access everything for the course. This portal page is like a schedule. Each day, you go to this schedule, click on the assignment, and submit your assignment online.

There are other types of exercises for each lesson. Fill-in-the-blank particle exercises, conjugation exercises, etc.

Quizzes and Tests

At the beginning of each chapter, you will have vocabulary quizzes. This is to make sure that you know the vocabulary for each lesson. There are also other quizzes when necessary. Those vocabulary and other quizzes are take-home quizzes, therefore you can take them at home or any place you prefer to take them. At the end of each chapter, you will take a chapter test. You have to go to campus to take this chapter test.
For further information on quizzes and tests, click here.


Past Due Assignments are not accepted.

You have assignments almost everyday. If you are taking this course because there isn't much homework for an on-line class, you should not take this course.

Some assignments are WebCam assignments. You will capture yourself speaking the assignments and send your file to our mailing list along with the transcription of what you said. Some assignments are web-based exercises. You will put answers on the web and send your answers to the server.