This is how to make your computer Japanese ready. Read all of the information carefully.

If you have the latest OS (Mac OS X or Windows XP), you already have everything you need to display and type in Japanese. As always, Mac is easier than Windows (those who know computers say Mac is far easier than Windows).

Those with Mac don't need to install anything, however, those with Windows need to install additional software from Windows XP CD.

If you have Mac OS X, you don't need to do anything to display Japanese. Everything is built in.

In order to type in Japanese, you need to go "system preferences" and "international." Then click "keyboard menu" and choose the Japanese input method, ususally Ƃ. Then you can type in Japanese.

Click here to see a bigger image.

Those who use Windows should go go this page for detailed descriptions ("Gon Method" in Simple English) of how to display and type in Japanese on Windows. After following "Gon Method" you might want to look at this page to find out how to set up your Windows.

If you don't have the latest OS (both Mac and Windows), click here. (This information is extremely old, probably most of you don't need this information.)