This is how to make your computer Japanese ready.

Macusers, click here.

Windows users, click here

Please don't ask me anything about Windows. I don't use Windows. My knowledge on Windows is extremely limited. However, if you are a Mac user, I might be able to assist you.

If you use Macintosh, you can update your OS to Mac OS 9. Mac OS 9 comes with built-in multilanguage capabilities. Click here to go to Apple Mac OS page for more info.

Apple released a new Mac OS, Mac OS X (pronounced as "ten"). Mac OS X is a truly multi-lingual OS. Mac OS X comes with Mac OS 9 disk. Mac OS X is $73 (as of February 7, 2004, click here to go to their page.) at UH bookstore. Click here to learn more about Mac OS X.


If you have Mac OS9, you can install it immediately. Your Mac doesn't come with the Japanese language kit pre-installed. Click here to find out how to install Japanese language kit on your Mac.

image If you don't want to install Mac OS X or Mac OS 9, you can install "Japanese language kit" from Apple. The Japanese language kit is compatible with Mac OS 8.6 or less. The suggested retail price of the Japanese language kit is $159. Therefore, it's cheaper to upgrade to Mac OS X if you buy at UH Manoa Bookstore.

Apple discontinued the Japanese language kit a few years ago. Apple is no longer producing this because it's part of the Mac OS now. If you can find a leftover at a computer shop, you might want to buy one as soon as you find it. UH-Manoa bookstore doesn't carry this any more.

Click here to learn more about "Japanese language kit."

The best resource for how to deal with Japanese on Windows is here. It's

But to be breaf, you can download software free from Microsoft site for Windows 95 and 98. But it only works with Microsoft software. This means that if you use AOL software, Japanese cannot be displayed with your AOL software.


Click here or here to go to their web pages.

Since you can get this software free from Microsoft, most people will not opt to buy some software, I think. But for those who want to buy some software, the followings are the options.

You can install "TwinBridge, Japanese Partner."


Click here to go to the download page of a demo version of "Twinbridge"

As of February 7, 2004, "TwinBridge: Japanese Partner" costs $199.00 - $249.00 (depending on which version of Windows you have.)

You can directly purchase the software from the manufacturer. Click here to go to the TwinBridge software.

Another option for windows users is "KanjiKit 2000" from Pacific Software Publishing.

Click here to learn more about "KanjiKit 2000." The price for this software is $199.00 as of February 7, 2004.

You can download a 15-day trial from the page mentioned above.

You can also use "Asian Suite 97" from UnionWay.

Click here to go to their web pages.

The price varies depending on what set you get. Go to their webpages and find out.

Another option is NJStar Communicator.

Click here to go to their web pages. This software is $99.00 as of Februrary 7, 2004. You can download a 30-day demo from their web pages.