This page shows how to set up Outlook Express to send e-mails in Japanese. I'm not a Windows user, so if someone finds a better set-up, let me know.

Now, I assume here that you already have some software (click here for the information) to make your Windows Japanese ready. Also, I assume that Outlook Express is configured for your e-mail account. In other words, what I will show here is just how to set-up to write and read Japanese e-mails.

First, go to "tools" and "options".

Once you open "options" you should see something similar to the right.

Choose the "Read" tab and click on the "Fonts" button which you find close to the bottom.

We are setting the fonts for Japanese.

This is how it looks after you click on "Fonts."

Set it exactly like what you see to the right, and don't forget to click on OK, otherwise your new setting will not be recognized.

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